Guangzhou control light pollution, new road lighting project will use LED lights

Issuing time:2020-08-05 16:29

Recently, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment stated in a circular document in response to the recommendations of the Municipal People's Congress that at present, outdoor light pollution in Guangzhou is mainly concentrated in urban night lighting, commercial operations, outdoor advertising, and sign light pollution. According to previous investigations conducted by the Department of Ecological Environment, Guangzhou’s night-time outdoor light pollution is still good, while outdoor advertising and signboards have serious light pollution.

Light pollution control measures

Road lighting. Guangzhou requires the use of LED lamps in new road lighting projects and street lamp energy-saving renovation projects. The LED street lamp is a directional lighting source with low scattering rate and high luminous efficiency. The efficiency of the lamp can reach more than 95%, and the luminous spectrum of the lamp is concentrated in the visible light part. With the promotion and use of LED lamps throughout the city, road lighting has effectively reduced light pollution while meeting the requirements of lighting, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Landscape lighting. According to the relevant provisions of the "Guangzhou City Urban and Rural Lighting Management Measures", Guangzhou issued the "Guangzhou City Landscape Lighting Special Plan (2015-2020)" to control the source of new urban night scene lighting to ensure future new, expanded and rebuilt buildings Set up in accordance with the requirements of the special planning of landscape lighting. At the same time, the urban landscape lighting area was divided into 1,772 square kilometers from the spatial pattern, and unified lighting control rules were established. Control indicators such as contrast, brightness, color temperature, color, and dynamics were given upper limits or ranges to prevent excessive lighting development. . It is required that the night scene lighting design should strictly control the laser lights on the sky of buildings (structures) to avoid and reduce light pollution.

In addition, the opening and closing of urban landscape lighting facilities in key areas is gradually realized centralized control, and the opening time of landscape lighting facilities on weekdays and holidays is also stipulated, which is conducive to controlling light pollution. The opening hours of the landscape lighting facilities in Guangzhou are: from April 1st to September 30th from 19:30 to 22:30 daily; from October 1st to March 31st of the following year from 19:00 to 22:30 daily 30; The key areas will be extended to 23:00 during traditional festivals and major events.

Outdoor advertising. Guangzhou has made detailed regulations on the lighting and lighting of outdoor advertisements, put forward relatively complete light interference control requirements, and standardized the installation of architectural glass curtain walls, which is beneficial to reduce light pollution of glass curtain walls. At the same time, it has also strengthened the review and supervision of the release of outdoor advertising content.

Next step plan

The notice document mentioned that Guangzhou will explore the division of light pollution control areas. The division of light pollution control areas is the basic basis for light pollution control. Guangzhou has divided lighting control areas to limit the effects of landscape lighting in different areas, which is the basis for dividing light pollution control areas. In the next step, it is planned to explore the division of light pollution control areas in Guangzhou in accordance with the requirements of the latest national standards on the basis of the delineated light pollution control areas.

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